Mobile Cellular Telephones

Find out how to get yourself a mobile phone in Thailand...

While the sale of mobile phone handsets is a huge business for Thailand, only three companies provide mobile service.

How to get a telephone

Handsets can be bought at any shopping centre, and most towns, will have many small stalls selling mobile phone units.

SIM cards are sold at most service provider shops throughout the country. A passport is usually necessary to get a prepaid SIM card.

Getting connected

There are two different types of SIM card available:

  • Pay as you go: the simplest package for new residents or those whose usage is very low. Buy a card (they range in value from 100 to 500 baht) from any mobile phone shop. These can then be topped up as required
  • Registered accounts: for more permanent residents and offer lower call rates and packages. The service providers require a passport with up to date visa and Work Permit documentation. DTAC only require a passport and credit card, or work permit (last quarter 2009)

Lost mobile telephones

Reports can be made to the service provider to cancel lost mobile telephones. A new phone will be needed, but the new SIM card will be supplied either free or for a small fee.