English-language Movies in Thailand

Information on where and how to find full listings of what's on at the movies today, and in the near future. Where to find out what's showing in your area and how to book your seat at the cinema...

Films shown in most Thai cinemas are generally Hollywood movies and locally produced films by the established Thai film industry. Occasionally films from other countries will be shown; these are often films from other South East Asian countries.

There are many cinemas that show English-language movies in Bangkok both with and without Thai subtitles. Pattaya has some cinemas that screen English-language films while in Hua Hin they are largely shown in Thai only although all major releases will be shown in English at certain times in certain cinemas. The cinema programme will show (EN or E) if the film is to be shown in English and (TH or T) if the film will be shown in Thai. Many Thai films in tourist locations or Bangkok will be shown with English language subtitles.

A rating system for all films was introduced in August 2009. The ratings are General (G), 13+, 15+, 18+ and 20+. All are advisory ratings only, except the 20+ rating, which will require proof of identity. There is an additional P category for films that should be promoted on cultural or artistic merit as decided by the Board of Censors. They will also continue to decide which films should be banned for containing inappropriate content.

Find a Film

Movie schedules are subject to frequent change, so it is always recommended to telephone ahead to check if a film is showing. The websites below may be accurate when they are written but it is not uncommon for schedules to change on a daily basis.

English-language movies are shown every day at most theatres in Bangkok and two art house cinemas. The Foreign Correspondents Club also has a full programme of films in English.

Cinemas and Seating

There are two major companies that have cinemas in Bangkok and throughout Thailand, often in large shopping malls. There are also many independent companies running movie theatres across Thailand, some of which are listed below.

Basic seating is reasonably comfortable and good value although it is usually possible to upgrade to more comfortable, reclining chairs, a two-person sofa or "VIP" seating in a small theatre with drinks served directly to the seat. The best seating will normally cost no more than the price of a ticket in an uncomfortable seat in a cinema in most other major cities. Some cinemas take telephone bookings.

Before a film is screened the Thai national anthem will be played. Everyone, both Thais and foreigners stand throughout the anthem.

The temperature inside the cinema can often be kept very low.

Cinema Chains

Major Cineplex & EGV Cinemas

This group includes the EGV group of cinemas as well as all Major Cineplex complexes. Most of the cinemas will show all the latest releases, both Thai and international. The website (in Thai and English) shows what's on at which cinema.

  • Major Cineplex
    : 02 515 5555

SF/X Cinema

SF Cinema City and SFX (SF Multiplex) run a number of individual and multiplex cinemas throughout Thailand showing the latest fare of national and international movies.

  • SF Cinema City
    : 02 268 8888