English-language Radio in Thailand

Information about local and international English-speaking radio stations in Thailand...

Thailand has hundreds of AM and FM radio stations controlled and sometimes owned by various government agencies. Some are national stations that can be listened to all over Thailand but others are local to towns or provinces. Most broadcast in Thai language although some towns in Thailand have a number of stations that broadcast in Thai and English. Most local stations can also be listened to online.

English Radio in Thailand

  • Virgin Hitz 95.5 FM: Latest pop songs from Thailand, UK and USA
  • Virgin Soft 103 FM: Thai and English love songs
  • Easy FM 105.5: New and classic easy-listening Thai and English songs
  • MET 107: Radio station with some English-language broadcasting. News, weather, lifestyle and more

Radio on the Internet: English-language Stations Online

Many international radio stations are available streamed live on the Internet. Typically Realplayer or Windows Media Player will be needed. Both can be downloaded.

Alternatively, select one of the stations below for access to live radio: