English-language Television in Thailand

Information about English-language television in Thailand...

There are various options for English-language terrestrial, satellite and cable television.

Terrestrial Television Channels

The terrestrial TV channels listed below broadcast predominantly in Thai. Some have small sections of English-language programming. Certain TVs offer the option of choosing the language (including English) for some programmes.

Cable and Satellite Channels

Thailand's satellite TV provider, True Visions UBC, has a large number of channels in English with different packages at varying costs, depending on the channels chosen.

Channels and programmes available include movies, series, documentaries, music, entertainment, including National Geographic, Star Movies, HBO, BBC World, News 24, Star Sports, TVB, Animal Planet, CNN, Bloomberg, Cartoon Network and many more.

  • True Visions
    : 038 426 777

Other independent companies operate cable TV channels in Thailand - a number of them broadcast in English.

  • Thai-ASEAN News Network (TAN) 
    : 02 629 4604

English-language news, interviews, travel articles and local arts and culture. Available by cable or on channel 78 on True Visions.