Eating Out in Thailand

Find out what to expect when eating out in Thailand...

There are many options in Thailand for eating out. Everything is on offer, from a quick meal from a cart on the street to 5-star international cuisine.

Thai people tend to rate restaurants on the quality of food served, rather than the surroundings or décor of the restaurant. Therefore, some of the best food in Thailand can be found at street stalls and simple restaurants. Hygiene is usually of a high standard and although newcomers may take some time to adjust to the new food, generally speaking, eating from street stalls is safe and clean.

Food stalls

This is the cheapest and quickest way to get a meal. Food is sold from a small cart at the side of the road. Various snacks, drinks and even complete meals can be bought and taken home or back to the office. Sometimes, the cart will have plastic tables and chairs lined along the side of the street for people to sit and eat there. A meal from a food stall will generally cost around THB 20 to 50, depending on what they sell and where they sell it.

Small restaurants

These also offer a quick and cheap meal option. Often they are simply one room which opens out onto the street. The food is cooked at the front and there are tables and chairs inside. A typical meal for one person will cost about THB 20 to 60 depending on what they sell and on the restaurant's decoration.

Scenic restaurants and air conditioned restaurants

These are for those who have more time or wish a little more comfort. There are riverside restaurants, garden restaurants or decorated and comfortable air-conditioned restaurants. Usually, these restaurants are for eating with friends rather than eating alone. Generally, a person will pay more for the surroundings and a meal can cost between THB 100 and 500 per person, depending on what is ordered and where the restaurant is.

Resort restaurants and foreign food restaurants

These are generally found only in areas with a high percentage of tourists or expatriates. In the larger cities there is a wide selection of international cuisine available and it is easy to find European meals. These restaurants are more expensive than a typical Thai food restaurant and a meal can cost between THB 200 and 1,000 per person.

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