Thai Wine

Find out about the growing wine industry in Thailand...

Although Thailand is not traditionally a wine-drinking country, the last thirty years have seen an increase in consumption and local production by wineries using technology from France and Australia and the wine industry is growing in size and reputation each year.

Wine is produced in central and northern Thailand, and some of the better known vineyards are Chateau de Loei in Loei province, Siam Winery close to Hua Hin and Granmonte close to Khao Yai national park. Many vineyards in Thailand offer tours that are open to the general public.

Originally Thai wines were generally produced to compliment the spicy flavours of Thai food, and were light, fruity and somewhat sweet. More recently, because of the advances in production methods, Thai white and rose wines can be compared in quality to some of the wines produced in France and the New World, and can accompany western dishes. Many Thai wines are exported abroad, although usually to be consumed at the large number of Thai restaurants to be found around the world.

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