Sepak Takraw in Thailand

Sepak Takraw, also known as Asian football, is widely played in Thailand. Find out about how to play the game and where Sepak Takraw is played...

Sepak Takraw, commonly referred to in Thailand just as Takraw, is a sport that is becoming increasingly popular around the world. It is a mixed form of football (soccer) and volleyball with a little bit of kung fu and gymnastics. The basic objective of the game is to keep the special ball from touching the ground. Players can use their feet, knees, head, shoulders and elbows but not their hands.

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Playing Sepak Takraw

The game is played between two teams of three players. Balls used in this sport are synthetic. Scoring and basic rules are the same as in volleyball. Players are allowed to touch the ball only three times.

Playing locations

Sepak Taraw is played for fun in all parks and many other public places. People usually get together from 17:00 and play until 21:00.

Every April, professional Sepak Takraw competitions are held throughout the country. For more information Thai speakers can contact the Thailand Takraw Association (TTA).

  • Thailand Takraw Association (TTA)
    02 282 6771

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