Thai Boxing - Muay Thai in Thailand

Information on the ancient martial art of Muay Thai also known as Thai boxing. Includes an overview of the rules and links for further information...

Thai boxing or Muay Thai is an ancient martial art, well known throughout the world. Lately many people have been coming to Thailand to learn how to fight Muay Thai.

Muay Thai (Thai Boxing)

An internationally known sport, Muay Thai has been practised since the era of King Naresuan (1555-1605), during which Muay Thai became a compulsory part of the military training.

Muay Thai match consists of five three-minute rounds with a two-minute break in between. Before each match, contestants perform a Wai Khru dance, in which the boxers pay respect to their trainers. Each boxer wears a headband (mongkhol) and an armband. The headband is taken off by the trainer after the Wai Khru, but the armband is removed after the match finishes. Both items will have been blessed by monks and are believed to offer protection and good luck.

Boxers may use their elbows, feet and their knees as well as gloved fists. A match is decided by knockout or if there is not a knockout, three judges decide who wins. A referee controls the boxers and ensures their safety.

  • For more information on the history and other aspects of Muay Thai from the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur: Click here

The basic rules in a Thai boxing match

  • Each match consists of five rounds of three minutes each
  • There are breaks for two minutes between each round
  • Boxers must wear non-modified gloves
  • A gum shield can be worn
  • No shirt or shoes are allowed
  • An ankle cup may be worn
  • No metal accessories are allowed

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