Exchanging Currency in Thailand

Information about exchanging money and restrictions on importing or exporting currency in Thailand...

Exchanging currency should always be done at a bank or foreign exchange facility. Hotels will exchange currency, but at a much higher rate. The international airport in Bangkok has currency exchange facilities.

Traveller's cheques are widely accepted in many Thai hotels and major venues. It is wise to convert traveller's cheques into Thai baht at a bank or similar foreign exchange facility.

To carry out any currency exchange a passport is required.

Currently, an unlimited amount of personal cash may be imported when entering Thailand. For amounts over $20,000 or its equivalent, customs have to be informed and additional paperwork will be required. For exporting over THB 50,000, customs have to be notified on departure. When travelling to Laos, Myamar, Cambodia, Malaysi or Vietnam there is a limit of THB 500,000.

  • Check with the Thai Customs Department before travel: Click here

When making a declaration of export items, foreigners may be asked to provide proof of how the exported funds were received. For example, it may be enough for a resident to provide pay slips or a bank book showing regular deposits from their employer, but non-residents may be asked to produce the receipt for currency brought into the Kingdom.