Capital Gains, Inheritance and Gift Tax

Understand the system for capital gains, inheritance and gift taxation in Thailand...

There is no separate capital gains tax in Thailand.

A resident taxpayer who receives dividends from a juristic company or partnership incorporated in Thailand from which withholding tax has been deducted, is entitled to a tax credit. In computing assessable income, a taxpayer must gross up his dividends by the amount of the tax credit received. The amount of tax credit is then creditable against his total tax liability.

A resident taxpayer who receives dividends or a share of profits from a registered company from which tax has been withheld at source at the rate of 10 percent, may choose to exclude such dividends from the assessable income when calculating personal income tax. However, in doing so, the taxpayer will be unable to claim any refund or credit as mentioned above.

Wealth, Inheritance and Gift Tax

There is no wealth tax in Thailand. There is no inheritance tax as such but a person who receives cash or property as a result of the death of another may be liable to pay income tax.

There is no Gift Tax in Thailand.

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