People Who May Not Enter Thailand

Information about the restrictions on people who may not enter Thailand or be granted permanent residency...

According to the Thai Immigration Law, there are people who may not enter Thailand or be granted permanent residency:

  • Criminals
  • Those with certain diseases or health conditions
  • Those who have intentionally broken Thai immigration law
  • Those who have been deported
  • Those with not enough money
  • Those whose presence is a threat to Thailand
  • Those with no genuine and valid passport or document used in lieu of passport
  • Those entering the country to work as a labourer
  • Those who cannot produce a health certificate if they have been in countries known to be infected with particular diseases (e.g. if the person has previously been in a country known for Yellow Fever but refuses to be checked by a doctor)
  • Those who are entering the country for purposes of prostitution, the trading of women or children, drug smuggling or any other types of smuggling which are contrary to public morality

These people will not be allowed to gain permanent residency:

  • Anyone who has been sentenced to imprisonment, unless the offence was minor
  • Anyone who cannot earn money because of mental or physical disability
  • Anyone suffering from the following diseases (unless the applicant is the parent, spouse or child of a person living in the country and that person can support the applicant):
    • Leprosy
    • Tuberculosis
    • Elephantiasis
    • Narcotic addiction
    • Alcoholism
    • Tertiary syphilis