Parking in Thailand

Rules and regulations regarding parking in Thailand...

In some Thai cities parking spaces can be difficult to find, owing to the high number of cars. There are few disabled parking spaces and no official system for issuing disabled parking permits. Disabled parking spaces are often abused and more efforts are being made to fine those park illegally.

The parking rules and rates are usually marked on signs (with English translations in tourist areas). Fines are given for cars parked in the wrong place or for too long. These can be paid at the local police station. If the vehicle has been clamped, a police officer will be delegated to remove the wheel clamps.

Some areas charge a small fee for parking, although this is not always indicated by signposting or curbside markings. The cost varies with the area but is usually around five to ten baht, and payment will be collected by someone in a uniform. A small ticket will be placed under the windscreen wiper to indicate that payment has been made.

Painted curbsides, roads and occasionally lampposts also indicate whether or not vehicles can be parked:

Red and white markingsThis is a no parking zone - cars may not park here at any time
Yellow and white markingsIndicates a short-term parking space only, usually no more than five minutes. These markings also indicate a bus stop. It is not advisable to park here
White rectangle on the roadThis is a designated car parking space
Multiple white diagonal linesThis indicates parking spaces for motorcycles only. No cars can park here