Getting Around

Information on getting to and around Thailand, by coach, ferry or train...

Travelling to Thailand is relatively easy with a number of airline companies operating direct flights to Bangkok from major European cities, New York and Los Angeles, many Canadian cities and from Australia and New Zealand. There are also many indirect flights with just one stop in major Asian hubs or via Dubai. Airfares tend to rise during the high season, from mid-November to mid-February and during western school holidays in July and August.

Within Thailand, there are a number of options for getting around the country including domestic flights, trains and buses. Within towns and major tourist destinations, government-subsidised buses and private bus services, known as "Songthaew" buses and motorbike taxis.

In Thailand's capital, Bangkok, there is also the BTS Sky Train, running through the Central Business district and a Metro (MRT or Bangkok Subway) with 18 stations. Trains run from 06:00 until midnight and serve the centre of Bangkok.

In most big towns and tourist areas, tourist information offices, known as TAT information counters, will be able to provide information on local transport options.