Thailand by Train

Find out about the train transport networks within Thailand...

Thailand shares land borders with the countries of Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia. There are restrictions on border crossings between Thailand and neighboring countries which are determined by the passport and/or visas that the person wishing to cross holds. In some cases visas can be purchased at the border into Thailand. Information on visa requirements can be obtained from the relevant Embassies.

Travelling by car within Thailand may prove to be difficult due to poor road conditions in some areas. Rental cars are available in major tourist destinations and from some hotels. It is also possible to rent a car with a driver.

Train Travel in Thailand

Thai trains are run by the State Railway of Thailand. Although Thai railways do not cover the whole of Thailand, they are very good value when travelling long distances. It is possible to travel by train from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore as well as to the north, south, east and west of Thailand. For a complete description of the Thai railway system: Click here.

It is possible to book and pay for train tickets online to certain destinations in Thailand.

Types of train

There are three different services of train – ordinary, rapid or express. There is a surcharge for the rapid and express trains, but the standard of the train is usually better.

  • First Class: travel is only available on rapid or express services
  • Second Class: travel is available on all services and usually consists of coach-like seats
  • Third Class: travel seating arrangements are bench-type seats.

Check when reserving seats whether the seat will be in an air-conditioned carriage. Sleeping berths are available on all express trains and on some rapid trains.


Anyone travelling on a train without a ticket will be fined. It is not possible to buy a ticket once on board the train.

Children aged four to twelve and measuring under 1.50m travel at half the adult fare. Children up to the age of three travel for free. Special rail passes are sold, although it is best to call the reservation line listed below in order to check what is available. A Thailand Rail Pass is valid for unlimited travel for 20 days in either second or third class.


For reservations and enquiries contact the State Railways reservation line.

  • Tel: 1690 / 02 220 4444
    Open: 08:30-16:30

or call the Advance Booking Office at Bangkok Station (Hua Lamphong)

  • Tel: 02 223 3762 / 02 224 7788 / 02 225 0300

Reservations can also be made by email. It is recommended to send an email at least 15 days before travelling.

Disabled passengers

Those with reduced mobility can ask for help, however, there are no special facilities for disabled people.

Travelling with a bicycle

Those wishing to travel with a bicycle should contact the following number and inform the person which train they wish to travel on. They will be informed if it is possible or not and what the extra charge will be.

  • Tel: 02 220 4334 (Thai-language only)


Animals can be taken on trains but not in air-conditioned carriages. There is no extra charge.