Babies and Children in Turkey

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Toddler Health

A doctor at the hospital of birth gives the newborn its first medical examination. Following this, a mother may freely choose the doctor or paediatrician to provide her infant's treatment.

Many mothers based in cities prefer to visit private medical centres rather than public hospitals for childcare. In general, public hospitals have lengthy queues, with poorer hygienic conditions and less time allocated to consultation and treatment.

Every child up to one year of age must have the essential vaccinations, following a vaccinations calendar regulated under Turkish legislation. This calendar is well structured and regularly updated by the Ministry of Health.

Although not required by law, it is usual for mothers in urban regions to take a baby for regular health checks from birth to one year of age. Some paediatricians include examinations of the brain, heartbeat and inner organs as well as reviewing physical condition, psychology and the infant's feeding scheme. These checks may be repeated every month.