Toddler Activities and Entertainment

Find out about the facilities available to you and your toddler in Turkey...

The cities have many well-structured and organised educational and entertainment activities for children. These include street playgrounds, theatre groups and playgroups. Many private organisations provide special group activities such as reading groups, play groups and language groups for children aged three to six years. These often take place over the weekends to allow for working parents.

City theatres of Istanbul municipality and some private theatres such as Akbank Children Theatre (Akbank Çocuk Tiyatrosu) put on plays for children and parents at a reduced price at weekends. Many cinema chains have discount ticket packages for children aged 4 to 12.

In many shopping centres, on the outskirts of urban areas and in tourist centres, there are playgrounds and theme parks popular with parents of toddlers. Some pre-schools schedule educational excursions to these locations.

  • For information and websites of theme and amusement parks: Click here (in Turkish)

Municipal activity parks

Almost every town in Turkey has playgrounds and green areas. Most all-residential neighbourhoods have small playgrounds with swings, slides and sand pits for use by children. There are also benches for parents. In order to avoid injury and accident, some municipalities have introduced play grounds with activities made of soft and rubber material.