Grading Points System at Primary and Secondary Schools

Information on the grading system in Turkish schools...

The points system rates a students work results with grades from one to five.

Point Grade  Degree
85-100 5 Excellent
70-84 4 Good
55-69 3 Satisfactory
45-54 2 Passing
25-44 1 Failing
0-24 0 Failing/Not included

In order to pass classes, the second term grade should be a minimum of 2 (passing) or 3 (satisfactory).

If any subject grade does not meet the minimum requirement then the overall year average is considered. The minimum overall year average should be:

  • 3.50 for science and social science schools
  • 3.00 for Anatolian or similar schools
  • 2.50 for ordinary, technical and vocational schools

A student who does not meet the average grade requirements may pass if they have no more than two subjects with failing grades in their school career. If not, the year is repeated.

National exams

Students in 6th, 7th and 8th grade (year) enter the Level Determination Exam (Seviye Tespit Sınavı - SBS) conducted nationally by the Ministry of National Education.

After completing primary school (after 8th grade), a student takes the Secondary Schools Exam (Orta Öğretim Kurumları  Sınavı - OKS) to enter secondary school.