Students and Teenagers in Turkey

Guidelines for parents and their young adults in Turkey...

Turkey has a relatively young population with nearly 20 percent under the age of 30. The Turkish government currently has the objective of preparing an appropriate environment for youth, for their future productivity and healthy well-being. Programmes and campaigns have been launched across the country by private and public agencies to engage young people in team activities, volunteer work and to encourage awareness of social and health issues.

Youth Activities

Most teenagers in cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir speak English well. Football is their favourite sport across the country; surfing and scuba diving are popular summer sports with skiing being favoured during winter. Internet usage by teenagers is increasing fast.

Entry to most museums and tourist sites is free for students and people under the age of 18. Youth are eligible for discount travel passes on most public transport.


There is a range of organisations catering to teenagers and providing access to recreational activities and cultural events.

Democrat Youth Platform (Demokrat Gençlik Platformu) is a liberal platform started in 2011. It targets university students and its main purpose is to lead the development of an entrepreneurial culture among these students. The website provides up-to-date information and news on current and cultural events.

Center For European Union Education and Youth Programmes works with European Union countries and others to execute programmes that provide financial support and training in the field of youth and education.

There are also a number of websites aimed specifically at young people giving information on cinema, concerts, open air festivals, youth activities and very general information about culture, history, engineering and many other things.