Emergency Numbers in Turkey

Emergency services: the numbers to call for Fire, Police and Ambulance...

There is no guarantee that any English will be spoken on any of these emergency and helpline telephone numbers. Calls to the following emergency numbers are free of charge; the lines are available 24 hours a day.

It is possible to call 112 for all emergency calls. The caller is redirected to the appropriate service.

Service Telephone
Medical emergency / Ambulance Tel: 112
Fire Tel: 110
Police Tel: 155
Coastguard Tel: 158
Forest fires Tel: 177
Missing child / Women's helpline Tel: 183

Emergency Words

Note: These phrases have been simplified for easy communication by a non-Turkish speaker. They are not necessarily grammatically correct in Turkish.

Accident Kaza
Emergency Acil / iacil vaka
Fire Ateş
Help me Bana yardım edin
Hospital Hastane
Medicine ilaç
Faint baygın
I have had an accident Ben kaza geçirdim
Injured yaralı
Unconscious bilinçsiz
Bleeding Kanama
Heart attack Kalp krizi
Stroke Felç / inme / darbe
Drowning Boğmak
Burn Yanma 
Very sick Çok hasta
In labour / having contractions Kasilma / gerilme
Need a doctor Doktora ihtiyaç var
Need an ambulance  Bir ambulansa ihtiyacım var
The house is on fire Ev yaniyor / evde yangin var
The car is on fire Araba yaniyor
I am being burgled Soyuldum
Someone is in the house Evde biri var