Giving Birth in Turkey

Find out what your options are when the time comes for the birth of the baby…

A hospital for the birth should be selected early on in the pregnancy. There are numerous state and private maternity hospitals and medical centres in Turkey. The cost of essential medical care can be covered partially or in full (depending on the treatment) by insurance, on condition that the hospital giving the care has an agreement with the institution providing the cover.

Some treatments and services opted for by the parents or the medical facility may not be covered by insurance and costs are carried by the parents.

Turkish women with no social security or medical insurance get free medical services and may give birth in state hospitals.

The hospital birth

Birth by Caesarean section is as common as natural birth at hospitals in Turkey; in recent years women choose birth by Caesarean over natural birth even though it costs more. However, numbers of natural births are on the increase.

Epidurals are becoming more frequently used, particularly in the urban regions, if there is no danger presented to the health of the mother or baby and the woman requests it.

The length of hospital stay after birth differs according to the chosen birth type. A mother is normally discharged from hospital one or two days after a natural birth. After a birth by Caesarean, discharge is usually within two to three days provided mother and baby are healthy.

Home births, natural births and birth in water

In urban regions, on very rare occasions, mothers opt for home birth with the help of midwifery; in rural areas home birth is still very common. There are several factors affecting the decision for home births in rural areas including limited options for medical care and the desire to benefit from the help and care of neighbours.

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