Postnatal Care in Turkey

Find out what support and medical care are available for parents and babies following a birth...

The postnatal period (doğum sonrası dönem) involves medical examinations of both mother and infant. The mother is examined for congenital endocrine and metabolic disorders.

After the birth of her child and initial examinations at the hospital, the mother may freely choose the doctor who attends to her and her infant's care.

  • For further information on the post natal period, breast care and after birth exercises: Click here (in Turkish)


The Turkish Ministry of Health determines the timetable of compulsory vaccinations. This vaccination calendar is regulated under Turkish legislation.

A newborn is vaccinated against Hepatitis B within 48 hours of the birth; follow up shots are given at the end of four weeks and again after six months. The schedule of other vaccines - BCG for tuberculosis, DTB for diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough, Hib, and OPV the oral polio vaccine - begins when the baby reaches three months of age.

At one year of age, the baby receives the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine; doctors recommend vaccinating against chicken pox and Hepatitis A at this point.

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