Turkish Postal Codes and the Post Office

Information about the postal system in Turkey, including sending and receiving letters, parcels and other mail, and how to find a Turkish postcode...

Postal services in Turkey are provided by PTT. Its website has information on mailing letters and parcels and banking with PTT.

Postal/ZIP Codes

Turkish postcodes are made up of five-digits, with the first two digits corresponding to the province and the final three digits indicating the district within the province. The first two digits are the same as the vehicle licence plate codes of each province.

Turkish Addresses

Addresses in Turkey are written in the bottom right hand corner of the envelope in the following format:

  • Full name and title of addressee (optionally write the surname in capital letters)
    Company name (if applicable)
    Name of the neighbourhood
    Street name, building name or/and street number, flat number
    Postal code, DISTRICT, CITY, COUNTRY

For Example:

  • Nihal AGUN
    Mebusevleri Mah.
    Önder Cad. Ankara Ap. 11/8 

For an example of how to write an address on an envelope: Click here and select Do?ru Adres Yaz?m?.

Mail and Postal Services

Post offices

Post offices are generally open weekdays from 08:30-12:30 and 13:30-17:30. As well as sending letters and parcels, providing stamps and banking services, it is also possible to exchange foreign currencies to Turkish Lira. A commission is charged.

There are three types of post boxes for sending mail:

  • Inland (Yurtiçi)
  • Germany (Almanya)
  • International (Yurtd???)

Sending mail

PTT has an English language section on its website with information on sending standard letters, costs, and information on how to track a sent item.

Registered delivery

A registered item with receipt of delivery can be sent for letters and small parcels. An additional charge to normal postal prices is paid for this service. A confirmation receipt will be received by the sender. Compensation is paid to the sender if the item is lost.

  • For further information on registered delivery: Click here

Mail Forwarding

There are no mail forwarding services available from PTT when moving house in Turkey.