Rights and Obligations of Landlords and Tenants

Both the landlord and tenant have certain rights and obligations. Find out about your rights as a landlord or tenant in Turkey...

The tenant is obliged to:

  • Pay the rent in full by the agreed date
  • Pay service charges: water, electricity, communal maintenance in an apartment
  • Use the property "appropriately"
  • Be responsible for any damage unless it is caused by the landlord, someone on the property uninvited or force majeure (circumstances outside of their control)

Unless agreed in the rental contract a tenant may not:

  • Use the property for commercial purposes
  • Sublet without written agreement from the landlord
  • Make any major changes to the property or structures without the landlord's consent

The landlord's obligations are to ensure that the property conforms to a minimum standard. This is not defined by law, but it is acknowledged that a residential property should have suitable water and heating systems in working order. Any fixed elements of the property not in working order and not resulting from damage caused by the tenant must be repaired or replaced by the landlord.

In the case of dispute with a landlord, consult a lawyer or a certified public accountant.