Furniture, Hardware, Appliance and Office Supplies Shopping

Find out about the Turkish chain stores that supply the basic furniture, home furnishings, white goods, electrical appliances and DIY for your home...

In Turkey, shopping malls generally open at 10:00 and close at 22:00. Hypermarkets generally open between 08:00 and 22:00. Credit card payment is very common and most stores welcome international credit cards.

Shops are open throughout the year, with sales taking place twice a year, at the end of February and the end of August. The sale of drugs and medicine is only authorised in pharmacies.

The following list contains a small selection of chain stores in Turkey selling basic grocery items, self-service furniture, appliances, office equipment, health and beauty products and DIY hardware goods. There is no guarantee that sales staff will speak English, but once you have found what you need, little more than basic Turkish should be necessary for the transaction.

The Yellow Pages or the stores' own websites will provide information on the nearest branch.

Hypermarkets and Supermarkets

  • MiGROS: A large supermarket with branches nationwide. It sells groceries, bakery products, cleaning supplies, flowers, books, telephone cards, electronic equipment, garden supplies and glassware. It also has an online shopping service for main towns. Delivery is free of charge above a certain amount. There are three types of Migros:
    • M Migros: Small, with two or three cashiers, providing a basic range of food and supplies
    • MM Migros: Medium-size store with three to five cashiers, selling groceries and beauty products, with a bakery corner
    • MMM Migros: Hypermarket, sometimes two-storey, with a variety of brands and products, including clothing, electronic equipment, garden supplies and appliances
  • Carrefour: Hypermarket selling white goods, electrical appliances and tools including garden equipment. Self-assembly shelving and basic furniture (as well as groceries and clothing). Online shopping service for Istanbul and Ankara with free delivery above a certain amount
  • Tesco Kipa: A large discount supermarket mostly located in western regions of Turkey. Fresh and frozen food, fruit and vegetables, cleaning supplies, textiles and home appliances
  • B?M: Turkish-owned supermarket with branches nationwide. Low cost basic food items and cleaning supplies
  • Macro Center: Branches in Istanbul and Antalya only. Delicatessen, bread, fresh fruit and juices

Most supermarkets provide loyalty cards to their customers with various advantages including coupons for free or reduced price products. All shops provide free plastic bags.

Department Stores

  • Boyner (previously Çar??): Turkish-owned store with a vast range of clothes, footwear, sportswear, jewellery, cosmetics, appliances, bedding, housewares, sun glasses, electronics, bags and shoes
  • Mudo Consept: An upmarket fashion retailer offering suits, locally designed clothes, shoes and bags, accessories for the home, lighting and appliances. It also has an e-catalogue
  • Be?endik: Turkish-owned store found in a few Turkish cities with a limited choice of clothes, shoes and cosmetics
  • Çetinkaya: Turkish department store for clothes, footwear, jewellery, soft furnishings and stationery

Appliance Shops

  • Darty: White goods and home appliances including televisions, DVD players, computers, mobile phones, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers and accessories
  • Teknosa: Turkish-owned, nationwide electronics retail chain with a wide range of hi-tech products and technological equipment. Notebooks, PCs, printers, home entertainment, cameras, and white goods
  • Electro World
  • : Nationwide electronics franchise located in department stores and shopping centres. Home entertainment, audio and video accessories, DVD players, MP3 players, GPS, and video cameras. It offers a maintenance service for a small fee
  • Media Markt: Chain selling electronic and home appliances, kitchen supplies, telephones and white goods

Furniture Shops

  • Alfemo: Turkish-owned discount furniture store with branches in most cities and towns. Bedroom and dining room furniture, wall units, sofas, and sofa beds
  • Home Store: Turkish-owned store located in metropolitan areas with a wide range of branded home furniture, antiques, clothes, shoes and bags. Some branches have in-store cafés
  • IKEA: Swedish-owned furniture shop for home and office furniture, soft furnishings, home accessories, flooring, crockery and children's toys, chairs and bedroom furniture
  • Istikbal: Turkish-owned budget furniture store chain located throughout Turkey, for home textiles, living room suites, bedroom accessories, and garden furniture
  • Tepe Furniture: Turkish-owned luxury furniture store with shops in several cities. It offers decorative accessories, bedroom and dining room suites, kitchen furniture and appliances, silk flowers, bookcases and tables

Building Materials, Hardware and DIY

  • Bauhaus: German-owned home improvement store selling a wide range of DIY tools for construction, as well as materials for bathrooms, kitchens, and plumbing. Also furniture, garden supplies, flowers, decorating materials, curtains, pet supplies and accessories
  • Koçta?: Turkish-owned hardware and DIY store with a range of materials for fitting kitchens and bathrooms, plus tools, wallpaper and paints and accessories for home interiors and exteriors
  • Praktiker: Chain of DIY and home improvement stores in Turkey selling basic domestic hardware and lighting, paint, self-assembly kitchen units, shelving, doors, blinds, furniture for the home and garden, tools and auto accessories.

Office Supplies and Stationery

  • Adel: A range of products from school supplies to professional artists' supplies
  • Office 1 Superstore: Office supplies including office furniture, stationery, box-files, desk-top and portable computers, paper shredders and printers