Domestic Water Supply in Turkey

Understand the Turkish water supply system and the different providers involved...

Water is supplied by the local municipality (belediye). In general it is safe to drink tap water, although many people choose bottled water: 18-20 litre bottles are available and can be delivered to the home. They can be placed in chilling units or in water dispensers that can be purchased from most hardware stores.

Getting connected

Water suppliers in some of the main towns are:

To get connected, customers must go to the municipality's water office in person to transfer an account into their name. Metropolitan cities such as Istanbul and Ankara may have their own subscription procedures compared to those of rural regions. In most cases the following documents are required to get connected:

  • Rental contract or proof of ownership
  • Proof of identity
  • Fee
  • Meter reading

Depending on the year of construction of the building an Estate Bill (Emlak beyannamesi), Building Permit (Yapı ruhsatı) or Building Occupancy Certificate (Yapı iskan belgesi) may be required.

To disconnect the water supply, go to the local water supplier's office and provide proof of identity and date that the water is to be disconnected or transferred to another name.


Water usage is metered and bills are issued monthly or quarterly, based on consumption. The water bill also includes an environmental tax. They can be paid by direct debit or at some banks or at the water supplier's office. If bills are not paid within seven days, the water supply may be cut off and a penalty fee is added to the bill.