Children's Hospitals and Emergencies

Find out about hospital services, emergency services and paediatric units available to parents of young children in Turkey...

Many hospitals in Turkey have paediatric units staffed by doctors specialising in infant and child health. There are many specially funded children's hospitals catering for childhood illnesses and care.

Most of the city hospitals allow for appointments to be made via the Internet or call centres. These also have Hasta Hakları (patients' rights units) which supply information and guidance to foreigners.

Foreigners with residence permits may apply to get medical care from most of the state hospitals; an identification number issued by the social security administration and a valid passport are required.

Note: a foreigner who visits an emergency room will receive the required medical service regardless of their social security status.

Children's hospitals and paediatric units

The University of Hacettepe Child Hospital provides intensive medical care and treatment in all major fields of child and adolescent health and psychiatry. It provides paediatric and newborn surgery, paediatric cardiothoracic surgery, urology, orthopaedics, neurosurgery and ophthalmology. It has a 24-hour emergency unit.

  • University of Hacettepe İhsan Doğramacı Child Hospital (Hacettepe Universitesi İhsan Doğramacı Çocuk Hastanesi)
    At: University of Hacettepe Main Campus, Sıhhiye, Ankara Turkey

The Zeynep Kamil Hospital provides a comprehensive service (medical and instructive) to pregnant women. It also has intensive care units for children, with doctors specialised in a wide range of child health issues. There are also infant and child polyclinics within the hospital.

Pharmacies and medication

Many medicines require a doctor's prescription in order to be dispensed by a pharmacy. The cost of medication is covered by Turkish social security and private health insurance so prescription medication is dispensed free or for a very small payment. Pharmacies are always located near hospitals and clinics.