Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender in Istanbul

Information on groups, social clubs and links for gay men and women in Istanbul...

Gay and Lesbian Associations in Istanbul

Turkey’s contemporary gay culture is mainly located in Istanbul, where there are gay- and lesbian-friendly clubs, bars, restaurants and baths, many of which are located in the Beyo?lu (Taksim) district.

Every year, at the end of June, there are Gay Pride Week activities in the Taksim district with the legal permission of local authorities.

Local associations and resources

  • ?stanbul LGBTT: A lesbian, gay, bisexual, transvestite and transsexual solidarity association
    At: ?ehit Muhtar District. At?f Y?lmaz Road 18/4 Beyo?lu, Taksim, Istanbul
    Tel: 0212 252 10 88
  • Lambaistanbul (Gay and Lesbian Club): An association whose mission is to prevent homophobia towards, and discrimination against, gays and lesbians. The club organises regular seminars, film days, discussions and meetings 
    At: Istiklal Road. Katip Çelebi District, Tel Str.28/5, Floor 4, Beyo?lu, ?stanbul
    Tel: 0212 245 70 68
    Open: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 15:00-20:00
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