The Marriage Ceremony

Understand what's involved in the marriage ceremony and the types of wedding which can take place in Turkey...

The ceremony can take place at the registry office or at a location of the couple's choice providing the marriage officer considers it appropriate. There is a fee payable; more if the wedding is performed away from the registry office premises.

The marriage ceremony is performed in Turkish so if the applicants do not speak Turkish, an interpreter is required. Arrange this through the registry office in advance of the wedding. The marriage officer asks each of the couple if they agree to marry the other; after a positive response from both, the marriage is declared made in accordance with the law.

Two witnesses other than the immediate family members and translator are required for the procedure.

A marriage certificate is issued on completion of ceremony and the marriage is recorded.

Validity of a Turkish Marriage in other Countries

A marriage in Turkey is legally recognised and binding in most countries however it's recommended to translate and legalise the marriage certificate for use in the home country.

Embassies and consular offices in Turkey often provide useful information for their nationals wishing to marry. Find out more:

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