Buying and Selling Pets

Information on the rules and regulations to consider when buying or selling a dog, cat or any other animal in Turkey…

The sale and purchase of animals is subject to a number of regulations:

  • It is prohibited to sell animals that have been taken directly from their natural habitat or that have been bought from an unauthorised vendor
  • Visitors must not be allowed direct contact with animals in cages. A vendor is responsible for taking appropriate measures
  • Pet shops must not keep or display pregnant pets or pets that have very young offspring, featherless birds, or cats and dogs younger than two months old
  • With the exception of snakes, lizards, turtles, frogs, birds and aquarium fish, all animals should have a health card showing that all vaccinations have been carried out. The vendor is responsible for the upkeep of this card until the animal is sold
  • Animals should not be exposed to direct light or extreme illumination
  • Cats and dogs must be vaccinated at 8 weeks for juvenile illnesses, and at 12 weeks for rabies. The vaccination dates should be registered on their health cards
  • Imported pets must have a health card issued by customs' doctors
  • Pet shops are not allowed to sell medical pills, drugs, or vaccinations for the pets. Only hospitals, clinics or vet-houses for pets are allowed to sell medical drugs