Restrictions on Animals in Turkey

Information about rules regarding pets in public places and travelling with pets on public transport in Turkey…

Some private beaches may not accept pets, and limits or conditions for admittance may apply for others.

It is important to check directly with the landlord (Yönetici) of an apartment when considering purchasing a pet.

Public Transport with Pets

There are regulations in place for the transportation of pets by public transport. Any animal which has been legally defined as dangerous cannot be carried on any form of public transport.

By air

To travel with a pet by air in Turkey a reservation should be made with the airline beforehand.

Requirements for travelling with a pet by air:

  • Carrying cage has to have the following dimensions: 45cm x 35cm x 23cm
  • Health Card and vaccination cards of the pet are required
  • The pet must weigh no more than 6 Kg
  • Female pets must not be pregnant

Guide dogs are accepted in cabins and are not restricted to cages. The owner does not need to pay for the animal.

By train

Small pets weighing less than 50 Kg can be carried in a cage or bag on trains. A fee is charged for cats and dogs, which is collected by the ticket conductor.

Requirements for travelling with a pet on a train:

  • Carrying cage
  • Health Card and vaccination cards of the pet
  • TCDD have further details about the procedure for carrying pets on trains (in Turkish)

By bus

Pets are only allowed in the section reserved for luggage on buses. They are not allowed on the passenger seats or in the overhead compartment. There are many private cargo carrier companies specializing in transporting pets on longer journeys by bus or coach.