Travellers with Disabilities

Information for residents and visitors with disabilities on getting around Istanbul; public transport, parking cards and visiting the city...

Visitors and residents of Istanbul with a disability will find that facilities are few and that the town is not easily accessible when getting around in a wheelchair. Also, many mosques do not allow wheelchairs inside, and museums rarely have wheelchair access. However, staff are generally able to help with entry into buildings and museums if access is difficult.

Toilet facilities with access for the disabled are rare in the town of Istanbul. More recently built hotels have rooms specifically designed for people with disabilities.

The official tourism portal in Turkey, Go Turkey, has information on facilities for travellers with disabilities and can be contacted for further information.

The Turkish Association for the Disabled can assist people with disabilities living in Istanbul. They can also organise tours for small groups of disabled tourists.

  • Tel: 0212 521 49 12

Public transport

Some local municipalities provide free or discounted bus, train and ferry services for people with a disability. Discounts are 30 percent on buses and 20 percent on trains between cities. On ferries the discount rate varies.

Some buses and some ferries are equipped for easy wheelchair access. Buses have designated areas with appropriate safety belts.

There are additional lifts/elevators at subway and bus stations, and overpasses. Most shopping centres have accessible parking, while bathrooms have accessible toilets.

Parking cards

People with a disability may be entitled to a parking card, allowing card holders to park in reserved areas marked with a wheelchair sign, or temporarily for up to 20 minutes when there is no parking available as long as traffic is not impeded.

Further information on how to apply for a parking card can be obtained from the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality:

  • Tel: 0212 453 79 78