Support Groups in Istanbul

English-speaking support groups and meetings for AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) following the 12 Steps programme, drug aid, cancer support meetings, AIDS and more. See this page for contact information...

Information about the various support groups and organisations in Istanbul for drink or drug problems, HIV/AIDS, women's support, cancer support and more...

Turkish Red Crescent

The Turkish Red Crescent (K?z?lay) welcomes anyone in need of help for heath matters, as well as refugees, the wounded, and provides relief assistance in disasters.

Alcoholics Anonymous Turkey

AA Turkey (Ads?z Alkolikler) has a number of English-speaking meetings taking place in Istanbul and other locations in Turkey. There are also bilingual meetings held in Marmaris.

Cancer Support

The Medical Oncology Society (T?bbi Onkoloji Derne?i) is a non-profit organisation which provides information about cancer and campaigns for cancer awareness. The site also has information about alternative treatments for cancer, and clinics throughout Turkey.

The Turkish Association for Cancer Research and Control (Türk Kanser Ara?t?rma ve Sava? Kurumu Derne?i) is a research organisation, which holds seminars and conferences to raise public awareness.

The Turkish Society of Lung Cancer (Türk Akci?er Kanseri Derne?i) informs the public about lung cancer through panels, seminars, and reports.

Drug Abuse

Narcotics Anonymous Turkey (Ads?z Narkotikler) has six NA groups in Turkey, of which three are in Istanbul.

The Centre for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Addiction (Ba??ml?l?k Tan? ve Tedavi Merkezi – BATEM) provides support and advice to drug addicts and their families. An appointment must be made prior to visiting.

  • BATEM (in Turkish)
    At: Ömür Apt. No. 55/2 Topa?ac? Te?vikiye ?i?li, Istanbul
    Tel: 0212 291 11 56
    Fax: 0212 234 72 93

Family Planning and Sexual Health

The Turkish Family Planning Association (Türkiye Aile Planlamas? Derne?i) provides information and education on family planning.

The Turkish Family Health and Planning Association (Türkiye Aile Sa?l??? ve Planlamas? Derne?i) is a family planning centre that offers consultations and advice to individuals and families.

HIV/AIDS Support

The Positive Living Association (Pozitif Ya?am Derne?i – PYD) provides support, training and counselling for individuals diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and their families. Their aim is to raise public awareness and ensure better access to treatment.

Mental Health Support

The Turkish Alzheimer Foundation (Türk Alzheimer Birli?i) provides help and support to patients, and counselling to their families.

Family Support

The Association of Families Fighting Autism (Otizmle Mücadele Eden Aileler Derne?i – OMAD) provides information on autism.

The Tohum Autism Association (Tohum Otizm Vakf? – TOV) provides educational activities for people in need.

Women's Support Groups

The Women’s Shelter Foundation (Mor Çat?) campaigns against domestic violence towards women. They also offer consultations.

  • Women’s Shelter Foundation
    At: Katip Mustafa Çelebi District, Anadolu Str. No. 23, D:7-8 Beyo?lu, ?stanbul
    Tel: 0212 292 52 31/32 
    Helpline: 0212 292 52 31
    Fax: 0212 292 52 33

The Women’s Rights Against Discrimination Association (Ayr?mc?l??a Kar?? Kad?n Haklar? Derne?i) provides help for women suffering from discrimination and offers solidarity.