Getting Online: Internet in Turkey

Find about the Internet options available to you in your home in Turkey...

Internet access is generally easy and inexpensive in Turkey. The majority of hotels and guest houses have WiFi access or a computer available for guests' use. Cafés, some restaurants, sports centres, universities, trains and shopping malls may also have WiFi access available.

ADSL is widely available in urban regions and along the coast. Internet cafés are popular and common in Turkey. They offer cheap Internet access at hourly rates.

Internet service providers (ISPs)

Internet access accounts are available from a number of Internet service providers. Rates and pricing schemes differ from provider to provider. In general, contracts are available for up to 12 months and subscribers can choose from ADSL, dial up and 3G contracts.

Documents required when subscribing are similar to those for a mobile telephone contract; proof of identity and a recent utility bill. The main ISPs in Turkey are listed below (all websites are in Turkish):