Ferry Travel in Istanbul

Information on the options for getting around Istanbul by boat and ferry...

Motorboats, sea buses (Deniz otobüsü) and car ferries (Arabal? vapuru) provide a fast way to travel in Istanbul. They offer traffic-free travel.

Sea buses run between Bostanc? and Bak?rköy, or Kad?köy and Sar?yer. There are also many that go to other city ports and to the Islands. Tokens can be obtained at the sea bus ports or payment can be made by Akbil before boarding. Fares may be more expensive than on other forms of public transport. Online booking is available only for Intercity sea bus routes.

Car ferries travel daily between Sirkeci and Harem. The main difference between sea buses and ferries is that it is possible to travel with a vehicle on a ferry. Tickets can be purchased before boarding. 

Sea transportation in Istanbul is provided by IDO ( Istanbul Deniz Otobüsleri A?).

  • IDO
    Customer service Tel: 444 4436
    Fax: 0212 517 8958

The website offers online ticket sales.

Motorboats are small- to medium-sized boats that travel short distances, such as between Kad?köy and Eminönü, Be?ikta? and Üsküdar, and Karaköy and Üsküdar. Fares are paid before boarding by Akbil, Istanbulkart or ticket. Ticket offices can be found next to ports.