Drink Driving and Penalty Points

Understand the blood alcohol laws in Turkey. Also details on penalty points and fines and how to pay them...

The blood alcohol content limit in Turkey is 0.5 grams of alcohol per litre of blood. Drivers in excess of this amount are fined. For drivers of vehicles with a caravan or trailer, the alcohol limit is zero. The police have the power to carry out random alcohol tests on drivers at any time.

In the event of an accident, all drivers involved are breathalysed.

Penalty Points and Fines

Fines for traffic violations often have to be paid on the spot. Other fines have to be paid within one month, or five percent is added to the amount. Most traffic and parking fines can be paid at banks or post offices.

Drivers may also receive penalty points on their driving licence for certain traffic violations. For example, driving without a seatbelt leads to 15 points, using a telephone when driving leads to ten points and driving dangerously, or ignoring traffic lights or signs may lead to 20 points. If the driver accumulates 100 points in the same year, their driving licence is revoked for two months.