Golf and Golfing in Turkey

Information on golf clubs, facilities, golfing organisations and handicap rules in Turkey...

Golf is gaining popularity in Turkey with the development of many new golf courses all over the country. The majority of golf clubs are situated in Istanbul and in the south of Turkey, especially Antalya. Some other cities or towns such as Ankara, Bodrum, Isparta, Trabzon, A?r?, Erzurum have one or two clubs. Antalya, especially Belek, is becoming one of the top destinations for golf tourism, especially as Turkey is considered good value for money in comparison to many European destinations.

Most golf courses are private membership clubs although there are a few public courses provided by the Youth and Sport Administration in some Turkish provinces. It is generally required to become a member of a golf course in order to play golf in Turkey.

The official golf organisation in Turkey is the Turkish Golf Federation. The website has information on golf courses in Bulgaria, golf for people with disabilities, tournaments and competitions.

  • Turkish Golf Federation (Istanbul)
    At: Hakki yeten Cad. Dikilitas Mah., Selenium Plaza No. 10/C kat 11 Fulya, Besiktas, Istanbul
    Tel: 0212 258 07 18
    Fax: 0212 236 83 04
  • Turkish Golf Federation (Ankara)
    Tel: 0312 309 39 45
    Fax: 0312 309 18 40
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Handicap Rules

The handicap system in Turkey is in accordance with the EGA handicap system and a handicap certificate is required to play except on some courses. In general the minimum handicap requirement is 36 for women and 28 for men.

  • To download the EGA handicap system booklet in PDF format: Click here

Handicap rules are determined in accordance to the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews rules.

  • For the golf rules from the R&A: Click here
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Playing in Tournaments

A licence from the Turkish Golf Federation is required to participate in official golf tournaments. The licences must be renewed annually by the federation. Anyone over the age of seven may obtain a licence by applying to the Federation with the following documents:

  • Three photographs
  • Two copies of the licence application form
  • Copy of proof of identity
  • Residence permit for foreigners
  • Doctor's certificate
  • Licence fee
  • Parental permission for under 18s