Issue of the Residence Permit

Information on collecting or renewing a Turkish residence permit and how to get a Turkish ID number...

Once the application and documentation has been submitted to the foreigners office, a receipt is issued and a date for collecting the permit may be given (otherwise notification is made by email or letter). This receipt and the passport are required to collect the residence permit. Processing takes no more than one month and any permit not collected within a month is no longer valid.

  • To see an example of a Turkish residency permit: Click here

Residence permits may be renewed; application for renewal must be made in writing or in person no more than 15 days following the expiry date.

Turkish ID number

Once a residence permit has been obtained, foreigners should apply for their Turkish ID number. This is a legal requirement for anyone staying in Turkey for more than six months. This number is used for many official transactions in daily life and is required when dealing with banks, tax offices and social security offices. This number can be obtained from the local district registration office. The following documents are required to obtain this number:

  • Passport
  • Residence permit

The ID number is issued free of charge. The district registration office should be informed of any change of address; if leaving the country permanently, this number must be cancelled before leaving Turkey.