Exchanging a Driving Licence

Find out the steps to follow to exchange your foreign driving licence...

A foreign licence holder resident in Turkey may exchange their licence for a Turkish one. Application is made to the Transport Registration Department (Trafik Tescil Sube Müdürlügü) at the local police headquarters.

  • For links to administration websites to find local transport offices: Click here (in Turkish)
  • For information on the exchange process from the Istanbul Traffic Department website: Click here (in Turkish)

Note: The Transport Department recommends first confirming that the foreign licence may be exchanged, and establishing if it should be renewed before the process can begin. Enquire at the Transport Department.

Documents required for a driving license exchange

  • Application forms available from the Driver’s Association office (Soförler Odasi) at the local Transport Registration Department
  • Original valid foreign driving license
  • Notarised Turkish translation of the driving license
  • Original and copy of the residence permit (Ikamet) or Turkish identification card
  • 5 identity-sized photographs (required at various steps of the process)
  • Original criminal report which can be obtained from the local court house (valid 12-months from issue)
  • Original health report issued by a local state health centre (Sağlık Merkezi) or private clinic; photos required (valid 12-months from issue)
  • Blood group certificate (can be requested from a clinic or health centre)
  • Receipt from the tax authorities showing that the relevant driving licence fee has been paid (cost depends on the class of licence being exchanged)
  • Payment for delivery of the credit card-sized photo-ID driving licence

The process

Confirm that the licence may be exchanged. Get the ID-sized photographs before visiting the health centre for the health report and blood group certificate (some centres require an appointment to be made, others do not). Get the criminal report and the licence exchange applications forms. Complete the forms. It should be possible to pay the licence fee and get the required receipt at the police headquarters at the time of submitting the application. Submit the completed dossier to the Transport Registration Department.

Note: The application forms making up the dossier are in Turkish only and must be completed in Turkish.

The new licence is issued on the same day the completed application is made, or very shortly thereafter. The original licence is returned to the licence-holder.

Further Information

  • Government road transport website: Click here (in Turkish)