Speed Limits and Road Classifications

Understand the different speed limits and types of road in Turkey...

The General Directorate of Highways (Kara Yollari Genel Müdürlügü, is responsible for the maintenance of roads and highways in Turkey.

Speed limits in Turkey are as follows unless marked otherwise:

  • Highways/motorways (Otoyol) - 120 km/h
  • Two lane roads (outside of built-up areas) - 90 km/h
  • Built-up areas - 50 km/h

For further information on speed limits: Click here (In Turkish)

Motorway (Otoyol)

In most areas motorways have three lanes in each direction. They start with "O" (for "Otoyol"), followed by a number for the region, as indicated below:

  • O-1 - O-9: Marmara region
  • O-20 - O-29: Central Anatolia region
  • O-30 - O-39: Aegean region
  • O-50 - O-59: Mediterranean region, South Eastern Anatolia region

All motorways and some bridges in the country require toll payments. On some toll roads a ticket is dispensed at the start of the journey and the toll can be paid in cash on leaving the motorway. There is a fixed charge per kilometre (the rate varies depending on the vehicle type). However, in many areas, the system is being replaced and payment must be made with a KGS toll-payment card or OGS (Automatic Passage System). If cash is accepted, there is a toll booth marked NAKIT or PARALI.

OGS - Otomatik Geçiş Sistemi (Automatic Passage System)

The OGS toll pass-card provides reduced toll rates and allows drivers to pass quickly through designated priority lanes at toll booths. The card is sold at banks, service stations and tollbooths. In order to use this the system, the driver must have a toll transponder in the vehicle. The driver pays a fixed amount in advance which allows for a certain distance to be covered. The corresponding amount is deducted each time the card is read at a toll gate. The card allows a 20 percent discount on tolls.

KGS - Kartlı Geçiş Sistemi (Card Payment System):

The KGS card allows drivers to pass through designated priority lanes. The driver must present the card in front of the card reader to be able to pass. The card is sold at banks, service stations and tollbooths.

  • For further information about toll roads and bridges: Click here (in Turkish)

Fuel: Petrol and Diesel

Fuel stations sell diesel (mazot) and unleaded petrol (kurşunsuz benzin) in 95 and 97 octane. Ultra-low-sulfur diesel (eurodizel) may also be available. In urban areas, many stock liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Petrol may be carried in a can in the car if in a fireproof container.

Most filling stations accept credit cards. Stations are not self-service; an attendant fills the car.