Buying and Selling a Used Car in Turkey

Information on how to buy or sell a used car in Turkey, with details on the transaction process and necessary documents...

A foreigner in Turkey may buy and register a second hand car (İkinci El Araba Satın Alımı). However, a document issued by the tax office, showing that the vehicle is free of motor vehicle debt, is required.

Used cars (ikinci el) for sale can be found in the following ways:

  • Dealerships
  • Adverts in automobile magazines such as Araba Dergisi
  • Websites such as Oto Haber
  • Newspaper classifieds
  • Private sale

Use these Turkish websites to get "book value" of a used car for sale:

Useful and reliable websites for price checking:

Before agreeing to buy a secondhand car confirm the following:

  • If there is a lien on the vehicle (outstanding loan). To check: Click here
  • That the stamped motor and chassis numbers on the car correspond with those in the vehicle registration certificate
  • That the seller is the legally registered owner of the car

Buying and selling: the transaction

Traditionally, the sales process takes place at a notary's office. The buyer and seller draw up sales agreement (satış sözleşmesi). Before visiting a notary to conclude the sale, the seller must provide the buyer with the following:

  • Proof of payment of vehicle tax (MTV)
  • Proof of no outstanding traffic fines
  • Proof of a clean vehicle inspection test (Araç muayene sorgulama)
  • Proof of current compulsory traffic insurance (Zorunlu trafik sigortasi kontrolü)
  • Proof of address
  • Registration plates
  • Notary fee

Required documents for the sale in Notary:

  • Vehicle registration book (Ruhsat)
  • Registration document (Trafik Belgesi)
  • Passport/ID of buyer and seller

The notary checks both buyer and seller's identity; confirms that no obstacles exist to the registration of the vehicle and checks the sales agreement. The buyer, seller and notary sign the sales agreement and the registration transaction is made, with the registration document issued to the new owner.

The Traffic Registry Office is informed of the sale. Compulsory insurance (Zorunlu trafik sigortası kontrolü) is required for the finalisation of the plate registration.

Within 15 days of the sale, the duplicate of the registration document is posted to the buyer who has 10 days in which to insure the vehicle.

Registration online

Since 2010 the sales procedure can be performed online via ASB?S (Araç ve Sürücü Bilgi Sistemi).

  • For full details with pictures and explanations: Click here (in Turkish)
  • For further information about the sale of car: Click here (in Turkish)

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