Employment Contracts in Turkey

Information on fixed-term, temporary and full- or part-time contracts for workers employed in Turkey...

A Turkish employer must offer a written employment contract (İş Sözleşmesi) if the duration of permanent employment is more than a year, or if the contract has a fixed term.

Employers who recruit foreign employees are obliged to inform the Police or Gendarme local to the work address within 15 days of the employee beginning work. The following information must be supplied:

  • Employee's full name and nationality
  • Employee's profession
  • Employee's residence permit date and number
  • Employee's residential address
  • Details of the employer and salary document

Contract Types

Turkey has four types of job contract:

  1. Contracts for temporary and permanent work;
  2. contracts for definite and indefinite period;
  3. contracts for part-time and full-time work;
  4. contracts for work-on-call.

Definite/fixed-term (Belirli süreli) employment: This is for a fixed term with a set date for the end of employment. A fixed-term contract can be renewed once only (except in specific circumstances) and thereafter converts to an indefinite contract.

Indefinite/open-ended (Belirsiz süreli) employment: This is used when the job has no specified duration or set end date.

Temporary work (Geçici iş/görev): A temporary contract is for work lasting a maximum period of six months; it can be renewed twice only giving a maximum employment duration of 18 months.

Full-time (Tam süreli) employment: The worker in full-time employment is contracted to work the full, normal weekly working period of 45 hours. The hours may be distributed unevenly over a week, although may never exceed 11 hours on one day.

Part-time (Kısmî süreli) employment: Contract for a worker whose normal weekly working time is significantly less than that of an employee working full-time.

On-call work (Çağrı üzerine çalışma) and project-based employment (Proje bazlı Çalışma): Normally working hours are agreed in advance. Where the hours for a project have not been decided, the weekly working time is limited to 20 hours. An employer must give decent notice when the worker is to be on duty/available.

  • Invest in Turkey details the term of employment concerning working hours, overtime and annual leave: Click here

Trial period

The trial period of an employee may be at most two months. However, this may be extended up to four months by agreement of both employee and employer. During the trial period, a contract can be ended without notice by either party.

Information to be included in a contract

A written contract should be signed by both employer and employee; it should include the following information:

  • Employing company's business name, employer's name and address of the workplace
  • Worker's name, social security number and residential address
  • Work start date and duration of trial period
  • Term of the contract  (indefinite or termination date)
  • Work hours and the period (daily, monthly)
  • Description of the job and employee's responsibilities
  • Employer's responsibilities
  • Details of salary, overtime, payment terms and annual leave
  • Termination rules
  • Other special conditions