Termination of Employment

Find out what to expect at the end of your employment with information on insurance for foreign workers...

The termination period affecting both employer and employee varies depending on the period of employment. Most companies have two to eight week notice periods.

Employers must give notice of termination of employment (Iş sözleşmesinin feshi) in writing, and state clearly the reason for termination. In some cases an employee has the right to appeal.

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Insurance of Foreigners

Foreign workers' insurance (Yabancı işçi sigortası) is subject to special terms and conditions. Where there is an existing reciprocal social security agreement with another country, foreigners are exempt from social insurance within Turkey. This may apply when the foreigner employee is:

  1. from a country that has an international social security agreement, or
  2. insured by a firm located outside of Turkey (supporting documents are required).
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