Civil Partnerships in the UK

Gay couples have some legal rights within a partnership...

Northern Ireland is the last part of the UK that does not allow marriage between two people of the same sex, however, two people of the same sex may enter a legal relationship known as a civil partnership.

Civil partnerships give similar rights to same-sex couples as to married heterosexual couples, for example benefits and recognition for immigration and nationality reasons.

Who Can Register a Civil Partnership?

Two people of the same sex may enter a civil partnership as long as they are aged 16 or over. If aged 16 or 17, written consent of a parent or legal guardian is required. Neither of the couple entering the partnership may be married or already in a civil partnership, and they must not be related to each other.

Two people of opposite genders may not enter a civil partnership.

How to Register a Civil Partnership

Civil partnerships can be registered at the registry office in the district in which the partnership ceremony is to take place