Higher Education

Post-school education in the United Kingdom...

About one third of young people go on to higher education at age 18, and there are approximately 1.8 million students currently enrolled in the UK higher education system. There is also an increasing number of mature students studying either full-time or part-time for university degrees.

Undergraduate degrees take three years to complete in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, while at Scottish universities they require four years of study. At the graduate level, a master's degree is normally earned in a single year, a research master's degree takes two years and a doctoral degree is often completed in three years. Professional courses, such as medicine, veterinary medicine, law and teaching, are usually undertaken as five-year undergraduate degrees.

To apply for a university course, students must complete an UCAS application form.

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University education is not free, with most courses costing approximately £3,000 a year. On top of this, most students have to pay for accommodation and living expenses. However there are grants and aid available to certain students. Foreign students pay considerably more, from between £4,000-18,000, depending on the type of course and the university.