Minor Injuries Units in the UK

What do do in the case of a minor, non-life threatening accident...

Less serious injuries such as minor burns, insect and animal bites and broken bones can be treated at a Minor Injuries Unit (MIU).

NHS 111

The NHS 111 service can be used when someone needs help fast but the situation is not life threatening, or when they do not know who to call. Telephone lines are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

They can give health advice, or inform a person on how to find a health service, for example an emergency dentist or 24 hour pharmacy.

NHS 111 currently covers a wide area of the UK, and  has replaced the NHS Direct number (0845 4647) by July 2013. The service is provided free of charge from both landlines and mobile phones.

NHS Walk-in Centres

These centres have nurses who treat less serious problems, such as infections, small cuts or wounds, and fractures. No appointment is needed. Generally, they are open Monday to Friday from 07:00-22:00, and during weekends from 09:00-22:00.