Expatriate Media in the UK

A world of information, both local and global - for foreigners living in the UK. The international and foreign-language print and broadcast media that is available to you if you live in the United Kingdom...

See below for information on UK-based expat Print Publications, Radio, Internet Television Tuners and links to International News - newspaper websites from around the world

Print Publications

  • Foreigners in UK is an online magazine providing news and practical information for foreigners in the UK, and those thinking about moving to the UK. It has legal information, recipes from all over the world, and a discussion forum.


The BBC Asian Network is a radio service that is available in a number of ways:

  • DAB: 12B
  • Freeview: 709
  • Freesat: 709
  • Sky: 0119
  • Virgin Media: 912
  • TalkTalk TV: 820


  • The Australian Times is a free weekly newspaper with a website and e-newsletter for Australians in the UK. It has news, jobs guides, community news and legal and practical information. The newspaper can be read online
    • Blue Sky Publications, 
      : Unit 7 Commodore House, Battersea Reach, Wandsworth, London SW18 1TW.
      Tel: 0845 456 4910


  • Jungle Drums is a free monthly Brazilian and Latin American magazine that covers Brazilian and Latin American culture, entertainment, lifestyle and music in the UK. It is published in English and Portuguese
    • Tel: 020 7242 5140


  • Ziarul Romanesc is a free weekly newspaper for Romanians in the UK, with reports on immigration issues, and the Romanian community in London and Romania


  • Russian London Courier is a newspaper published in Russian twice a month, providing an information source for Russian-speakers in the UK. It also publishes RussianUK, a glossy lifestyle magazine, once every three months

South African

  • The South African is a global news service for South Africans living abroad, operated as a website and free weekly newspaper, which is available on Tuesday mornings. Its website features a specific section about living in London, covering news, events, community and jobs
    • Tel: 0845 456 4910


The BBC operates news and radio services in a range of languages.

  • To access its multi-lingual services: Click here

BBC World Service can be received on digital FM 90.2 and Satellite Hot Bird 6-13º East.

  • For more information on receiving BBC World Service via satellite: Click here

The main BBC stations and other English-language radio can also be received via many satellite TV installations or over the Internet. Previously broadcast programmes can often be listened to again or downloaded.

Voice of America is also available on shortwave, with NewsNow.

Radio on the Internet: English-language stations online

Radio stations often stream their broadcasts on the Internet. In order to listen to their programmes it is necessary to have Realplayer or Windows Media Player, both of which can be downloaded.

Internet Television Tuners

Holersoft is an Internet television tuner that allows users to see over 1,200 online TV stations from around the world. The television channels are streamed through the Internet connection, without need for a PC TV card. It is advisable to use a high-speed Internet connection. A free, trial version can be downloaded.

Sopcast is a free, streaming, direct broadcast system based on P2P which allows users to watch international TV programmes online.

Ahusoft provides international live television channels and online radio stations. A free trial version (with the option to buy) is available on the Ahusoft website.

International News Links

In addition, international online news can be viewed via the following websites:

Many newspapers are also available online:






New Zealand

South Africa