Lost and Stolen Bank Cards and Mobile Cellular Phones

What to do and where to call if your debit/credit cards or telephones are lost or stolen in the UK...

Lost Credit Cards

Lost or stolen credit and debit cards should be reported to the police, who will issue a certificate that can be used for filing an insurance claim. Then contact the issuing bank to have the card cancelled.

American Express Tel: 01279 696 933
Diner's Card Tel: 0870 1900 011
Visa Tel: 0800 891 725

Lost Mobile/Cellular Telephones

In the event of mobile phone loss or theft, contact the appropriate service provider and ask them to block the number and deactivate the SIM card.

Then contact the police and provide them with details of the phone make, model, number and the IMEI. The IMEI number protects the owner if their phone is lost or stolen. The number can be obtained by typing *#06# on the mobile phone keypad, so should be noted and kept separate from the mobile in case of theft. The police will provide a crime reference number which can be used to claim on insurance.

Following the theft, register with Immobilise, who will add the telephone to the Police National Stolen Phone database. Once registered with Immobilise, if the phone is recovered, it may be possible to retrieve it.

Contact details for some of the main telephone providers can be found below:

  • Orange
    : 150 (from an Orange mobile / 07973 100 150)
  • Vodafone
    Tel: 191 (from a Vodaphone mobile/ 08700 700 191)
  • O2
    Tel: 0844 809 0222 (Pay & Go Customer Service) / 0844 809 0202 (Pay Monthly Customer Service)
  • 3
    Tel: 0843 373 3333
  • T-mobile
    Tel: 0844 809 0222