Using a United Kingdom Bank Account

Find out how the United Kingdom banking services operate...

Unless it is a simple cash account, all accounts will come with a cheque-book and debit card. If required, a credit card can also be provided. These documents can be used to make payments or get cash from an ATM machine. Some banks may charge for withdrawals from an ATM network other than the customer's ATM network.

Within the cheque book, there is normally a paying-in slip to make payments in cash or cheques into the account easier.

Bank statements are sent by post, or by email if the customer has opted for the Internet service, either monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Banking services

Most banks provide Internet and telephone banking where transactions can be made online or over the phone. Some banks are Internet only. Some of the major banks also allow foreign currency accounts, which are useful for the frequent traveller.

Bills and regular payments such as rent can be paid automatically from the bank account via a direct debit or standing order, which can be set up online or at the branch.

Money can also be transferred automatically into the account by BACS (Bankers' Automated Clearing Service) transfer, for example a salary or pension.

Banking Hours of Business

In general banks are open Monday to Friday from 09:00-17:00, and in some instances, banks may be open on a Saturday.