Key Facts and Figures

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Formal Name United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Capital London, England
Main Cities Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast
Official Language The UK does not have a de jure official language; English is most spoken language
Currency Pound Sterling (£). 1 Pound Sterling = 100 pence
Dialling Code +44
Emergency numbers 999 and 112
Time Zone No UTC/GMT offset
Daylight Savings Time (DST) British Summer Time (BST): last Sunday in March (forward by one hour at 01:00) to last Sunday in October (back by one hour at 02:00)
Units of Measure Imperial Units
Electricity 220-230 volts AC; frequency of 50 hertz
Government Constitutional monarchy and Commonwealth realm with a royal family and a parliamentary government
Population 63,489,234 (July 1 2014)
Expat Population An estimated 8 million foreign-born people live in the UK
Climate Temperate Maritime: prevailing southwest winds over the North Atlantic Current; more than one-half of the days are overcast
Land Surface 243,610 sq km
Coastline 12,429 Km

Flags of the United Kingdom
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland national flag: the Union Flag & Naval Jack
England flag: St-George's Cross
Scotland flag: St Andrew's Saltire
Wales flag: The Red Dragon

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