Vehicle Tax

All vehicles on the road in the United Kingdom are taxed under UK law...

UK law stipulates that every car, motorbike or light goods vehicle kept on the public road must be taxed. This Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) is often referred to as road tax.

Up until October 1st 2014  a taxed vehicle received a tax disc which was displayed in the window of the vehicle. After this date, the tax disc system was abolished and replaced by cameras able to read licence plates. The licence plates are then checked against a database to ensure car tax has been paid.

Unlike the old disc system, buyers of used cars must now pay car tax from the day they buy the vehicle rather than when the seller's disc expires. The seller is able to claim a refund of any full calendar months remaining on the tax disc. The DVLA will issue a reminder when the road tax is up for renewal.

All vehicles must be taxed, apart from:

  • Vehicles registered before 1973
  • Vehicles that will not be used or kept on a public road for 12 months
  • Vehicles belonging to a disabled driver with exemption certificate DLA404
  • Vehicles belonging to a driver with a WPA442 form who receives a War Pensioner's Mobility Supplement
  • Electric-powered vehicles
  • Bio-fuel or hybrid vehicles which emit less than 100 CO2 per Km

Road tax can be paid online, over the phone or at the Post Office.